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Welcome to the Colour of Sound Institute! Our sound therapy and healing courses, tips, tools and techniques help people to be relaxed, energized, focused and creative.

We can help people deal effectively with health challenges including stress, anxiety, depression, sleep, fatigue, ADHD and more…

We take people on a journey of self-discovery with sounds.  Our techniques stimulate a release of old, unhealthy patterns and a re-forming of new, nourishing ways of thinking, feeling and doing. happy with sound therapy
Through a guided process of acceptance, surrender and transcendence,  we awaken unconditional love, wisdom, compassion and power. These are the main drivers for positive change and transformation.

sound therapy lotusIf you’re new to sound healing, click here for a great introduction to this fast growing approach to natural health and wellness.

sound healing therapy
sound healing therapy with singing bowls



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 Sound therapy is fast regaining its place as the pre-eminent healing modality.

Having been first used by the ancients, sound healing has undergone a period of re-discovery and is now revealing the intricacies of healing both at the cellular and psychological levels.

Sound healing therapy works on the principle that everything in our universe is energy which has a vibration. Everything in existence within the universe is in a vibrational state.

The frequency at which we normally vibrate is called resonance. Certain sounds therefore will resonate with different organs and parts of the body.

sound healing therapy
the true nature of our vibrational universe

When an organ in the body, such as your heart, is not functioning at its optimum, its sound pattern will be ‘out of tune’.

By introducing the correct sound pattern, the body’s natural healing abilities will be activated through a process called resonance.

Sound has been scientifically proven to have an effect on our autonomic, immune & endocrine systems as well as the neuro-transmitters in our brain.

By creating simple sounds for yourself you can balance and heal your body, mind and spirit,  raise your personal vibrational level, and heighten your consciousness.

Sound Therapy is at the leading edge of health-care today.  It’s  growing rapidly in popularity as increasingly more people recognize the full range of health challenges that can be successfully addressed through sonic vibrations.




The Colour of Sound Institute offers a variety of On-line programs, workshops, and Retreats .

We’ve been delivering training in sound healing therapy since 2003 and now have students and practitioners in many countries, including UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia,  Japan, Italy, Croatia, South Africa, and more.

We are an independent school accredited by the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA).

We run a wide range of workshops and training programs for beginners right through to professional practitioner training in our Diploma in Sound Therapy.

For more details about our Diploma in Sound Therapy training program, click here

These sound healing courses and workshop are ideal for therapists, health care professionals, healers, musicians, singers and anyone who is keen to explore the power of sounds for healing, mindfulness and transformation.sound therapy course

You don’t need to have any prior experience of sound healing,  singing or making music to enjoy and gain many wonderful benefits from our workshops and programs.

For details about our future workshops, please click here


We sell a range of instruments for use in our unique harmonic sound healing process. sound therapy with crystal singing bowls Click here to go to our shop


Learn how to give effective sound therapy to yourself, your friends, family and clients….. Enter your details in the box at the top of the page and we’ll enroll you for the FREE 4-part VIDEO & EBOOK series on how to work with healing sounds straight away!

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Tony has over 25 years experience as a therapist, coach and trainer.He runs the Colour of Sound Institute and has a busy practice in Cornwall, England.
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